Boston Marathon bib number is 15010

When I was in India, my car license plate number was 1510. I am far from superstitious but I do like the numbers 5 and 7. The number 1510 has a 5 in it and it adds up to 7.

Today, I got my Boston Marathon bib number and it is 15010. I’ll be starting in wave 2, corral 8. Perfect! Over the past couple of months or so, I have received an email from the Boston Athletic Association (BAA organizes the Boston Marathon) about once every two weeks. Most of these emails provide snippets of information on Boston (along with sponsored messages), but it keeps race awareness on top-of-mind!

After returning late last night from Utah, I went to work slightly late today. It was a pretty routine day. I went for Happy Hour Yoga with Gracie at The Village; for a change the class was jam packed. Apparently, people wanted to get their yoga in before watching some March Madness basketball game. I guess people still watch basketball instead of participating in REAL sports like triathlon and running!

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