Long run on the greenbelt and canal

It was time for my final long run before the Boston Marathon. I was scheduled to run for 3 hours and 15 minutes. I figured I would run somewhere between 22.5 and 23 miles today. Since I have signed up with LLS to run the Seattle half marathon (June), I decided to run with the LLS team starting at the railroad park on Indian Bend. I showed up there just before 6:30AM and met Aly and Laura (LLS coaches) for the first time. Unfortunately, no other team members showed up.

Aly is a kid at 25. She is doing her masters in education and is also a school teacher. She has a very smooth stride. I ran with her for the first 30 minutes on the greenbelt before going ahead on my own. It was a hot day with temperatures expected to rise in the mid to upper 90s. I decided to carry my own water bottle today along with 4 packs of Gatorade endurance gels. I ran along the green belt all the way to Tempe town lake and saw a dragon boat race in progress. It was a festive event with hundreds of people gathered in the lawn along the south shore of the lake.

I turned around right after the 10-mile mark as I was already overheating. After refilling my water bottle twice, I ran around the lake and back up north. It was getting hotter by the minute. Instead of running back on the greenbelt, I decided to go straight up Scottsdale road and catch the canal in oldtown Scottsdale. On the way, I stopped at Lo-Lo’s Waffles to refill water just south of oldtown. I needed the break as the temperature was already in the 80s.

I ran along the canal and back to the railroad park in just more than 3 hours for a total of 21.1 miles. I was done. I cut the run short by 15 minutes. It was hot and I had nothing left. I had sweat-salt all over my face. I was disappointed that I didn’t dig deeper to run the final 14 minutes. I have trained hard, but one could always train harder.

Now I taper down for the next 3 weeks until the race. Next week’s long run is only an hour and thirty minutes. Woohoo!!

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