Where do you stand on the second amendment?

It is not often that I talk politics on this blog. If you know me, you know where I fall on the political spectrum. (Hint: I am pretty far left). Some of you may think that this is somewhat of a conflict because I own a couple of small businesses; but if you knew how I run these, you would know why we do quite well running them with a pretty liberal mindset. Anyway, I came accross this hilarious stand-up routine by an Australian comic about gun control. No matter where you stand on the second amendment, it is worth spending 16 minutes. It is really really well done!

I went swimming at Lifetime Fitness today with Shelly and Mark. It has been a while since I went to my old gym. I only swam a thousand meters. After my long and hard run yesterday, swimming was not easy. It was nice to see some familiar faces though. Not much has changed at Lifetime; it has the same Scottsdale vibe with women parading around in bikinis in the hot sun. Fortunately, it wasn’t crowded today!

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