Crazy wall crunches on a Swiss ball

The abs class was pretty full today. Julie (the instructor) had us line up along the wall with a Swiss ball, a mat and a resistance band. She started the class with this crazy abs exercise where we lay on our back on the Swiss ball with our legs on the wall (like this picture) and then crunch crunch crunch. Ouch ouch ouch. It lasted less than a few minutes but it felt like an hour. Intense it was. Try it. In no time, you will have abs of steel.

We proceeded with a bunch of balances, crunches, stretches and leg lifts on the mat, Swiss ball and using the bands. I was cooked in 30 minutes. Absolutely cooked!

I have decided to run the Boston Marathon wearing a Snapathon visor and a Snapathon t-shirt. I am getting both of these printed soon.

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