Countdown to the Boston Marathon

I ran fartleks on the treadmill at The Village. As usual, it was a hard but good run. 6 fartleks with 4 minutes hard and 2 minutes easy made up the meat of the hourlong run today. You can see that my heartbelt was going crazy during my fourth fartlek!

The Boston marathon is now less than 3 weeks away. I have trained long and hard for it. My training regimen has been pretty close to 100%. I feel good. I feel fast (by my standards of course). I am scheduled to start the race at around 10:30AM on Monday, April 20. I have started to think about what I will eat the day before and how I will run the race. I haven’t done a race-plan yet, but have started looking at he elevation. It is a net downhill course but has some formidable hills to conquer. The most daunting is called heartbreak hill at mile 21. There is a story about why heartbreak hill is so named. I will blog about it tomorrow…

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