Running 11+ miles on a sore ankle

I woke up with a sore right ankle. Last night it was totally fine but this morning there is a very peculiar soreness just above the ankle on the outside of my right foot. From reading about it, it looks like the peroneus tertius muscle (or tendon) is somewhat irritated. The strange thing is that when I walk or run, I feel no discomfort. It is only when I sit or sleep do I think about it.

I thought about resting the ankle but ended up sticking to my training plan. Compared to last week, my run was quite short today. I ran just over 11.25 miles for a sub-8 average page in 90 minutes and felt really good throughout the run.

Unfortunately, my ankle still hurts a bit (no worse than this morning). There is no swelling but I can feel it when I flex my foot. Hopefully it will go away as quickly as it came. Next week is an easy week; I may just rest my foot and maybe swim instead!

Rahul-Janki came over with kids and Janki’s cousin this evening. We went to the lake where the kids wanted to fish. No, they didn’t catch any but it was fun nevertheless!

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