Hummingbird nesting and an ankle that hurts

I woke up at around 4AM with pretty harsh pain just above my right ankle. Maybe running long on a sore ankle yesterday was not such a good idea. Surprisingly though, by 8AM, the pain had subsided considerably. I decided to take it easy today and went for a mile-long swim instead of yoga. I didn’t want any stress of stretch on the ankle. The swim actually helped relax the ankle a bit.

I took this picture in the afternoon while hanging out in the courtyard. The hummingbird is peacefully nesting although I can’t tell if she has eggs. She sits there in her nest for hours during the evening. In the afternoon, she hovers here and there sucking nectar from the various spring flowers. It’s a good time of the year here in Arizona! Flowers are blooming and birds are nesting. I haven’t seen any snakes yet this year though.

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