Another day of ankle pain

My ankle pain flares up early in the morning. This morning too at around 4AM I experienced some excruciating pain but fortunately it didn’t last long. My theory is that my ankle stiffens up at night and I feel it when I wake up. After I move it around a bit, the blood flow relaxes it and it eventually subsides.

I was to do a short run of less than an hour today but I decided to rest again. I want my body to be fully healed by next week. I have put in the long hours of training and now it is time to relax before the Boston Marathon. An easy hour-long run is not going to increase my fitness but it may cause some damage to my ankle. “Listen to your body” the say. For a change, I am listening!

Samir (my cousin) is here with us today. He is visiting from India to scope out some prospective clients for a new outsourcing company he has founded called PeopleTree. He’s a good guy; I like hanging with him. I hope PeopleTree takes off nicely!

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