Kissing girls at the Boston Marathon

I met Nicole today. She was giving a Boston Marathon talk at Sole Sports this evening. Nicole has run 10 Bostons. She will run her 11th with me on April 20. It was a small audience but her talk was insightful. The history, the culture of the race, the pre-race registration, the speeches and seminars, the Race Base, the course with students from Wellesley and Boston College, the hills in Newton, the story of John Kelly and Tarzan Brown at heartbreak hill, the Boston bombings in 2013, the finish line, the 27th mile, the Fenway Park party, and the list goes on and on.

Apparently, it is tradition to kiss the girls at Wellesley. The picture above is a random one I found on the Internet. Why would the girls want to kiss sweaty, salty, stinky, panting dudes wearing spandax? It must be the alcohol. Some traditions are strange!

My ankle feels a lot better but I rested today. Tomorrow, if it feels good I will attempt a short controlled run on the treadmill. It should heal in a day or three!

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