Stay healthy before Boston

I feel good. I have no aches or pains. I feel healthy. I am not quite as well prepared for Boston as I would like but I still have nine more days. My focus now is on staying healthy, getting good sleep, tapering, resting a lot, taking Missy for slow strolls (where I took this Merganser picture this evening), and not doing anything crazy like drinking a lot or running a lot. It sounds pretty easy on paper.

As for Boston, Binita and I are flying out next Friday (April 17) and expect to pick up the bib on either Friday or Saturday. It will be in the 50s and a bit breezy, but it should be good running weather. As of yesterday, the weather called for winds from the east (headwinds) on raceday, but I’m hoping that the weather predictors are wrong!

I ran easy for an hour on the treadmill at Lifetime Fitness. It felt pretty smooth to do about 7.6 miles in an hour and barely feel it. If you click on the link, you will notice that my heartrate is tempered throughout the run. That’s the way to taper!

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