Marquee triathlon swim start

Ever wonder what an open-water swim start looks like? If it is a wave start, you have a limited number of swimmers starting and it is relatively benign. If you are doing your first open-water swim race, there is nothing benign about it though. Crazy people always seem to thrash around with arms and legs flying in all directions. You will get hit in your head and body a few times unless you are super-fast or super-slow! An Ironman start is even worse with about 2,000 crazy swimmers starting an open water swim. Oh, and if the swim is in the ocean, you also have waves to contend with!

The Lifetime Marquee Triathlon yesterday marked the start of the triathlon season around Tempe town lake. Here is a pic i snapped using the Snapathon app during one of the wave starts. The water in the lake is pretty nasty; I’m glad I was on solid ground and not in the water!

For my training today, I just rested. Eight more days to Boston…

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