Binoy was in town

Yesterday, Binoy was in town with his wife Sheetal and his 2-year old Zane. I went to see him at the Phoenician and hung out with him for a couple of hours. I hadn’t seen Binoy for about a dozen years; he looks the same; he looks good. We talked of old times in Cleveland and caught up with what has transpired in the years that we haven’t seen each other. It felt warm. It felt good.

For my training today, I rested again. It is now one week to Boston. My race plan is taking shape as I have now analyzed the course. I still am unsure about my nutrition plan, but it will come together. I plan to enjoy the race instead of going for time. Headwinds and hills are both going to hamper my speed, but that just means I will be on the course for more time to savor the Boston Marathon!

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