Snapathon at Boston Marathon

The Snapathon t-shirts are printed and ready. I will wear one to run the Boston marathon. The brand is New Balance and the feel is soft, comfortable dryfit. The visor also has the Snapathon brand on it, but it is not quite as comfortable as the shirt. I may just wear my headsweats M-Dot visor (my favorite) for the race.

I ran an easy 40 minutes on the treadmill today. It is all taper until the race now. I keep watching the Boston weather forecast for Monday (race day) and it keeps getting worse. Now they are calling for headwinds of 15MPH gusting to 20. It will make for a tough day; but that’s Boston. As long as I watch my heartrate for the first half of the race, I should be fine. I still don’t have a nutrition plan; all I know is that I need to eat 100+ calories every 5 miles and there is just one nutrition station at the race (at mile 17). This means I have to carry about 300 calories and then pick up another 300 calories at mile 17. I also have to carry some salt pills. At this point, I have no idea where I will store the gels packs and salt pills. I may just end up carrying a small pouch. Last time I tried that, I had a disaster of a half marathon!

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