Nutrition Plan for the Boston Marathon

I wore the Snapathon t-shirt all day today. I wanted to make sure it is comfortable and wash it before wearing it at the Boston Marathon. It passed. Not only is it comfortable, it feels soft and cool.
The weather forecast keeps getting worse. Now they are calling for headwinds peaking at 31MPH. Fortunately the temperature will be nice and cool in the low 50s. Drafting will definitely be the order for the day.
For nutrition, I have decided to carry my SpiBelt race belt during the Boston Marathon. It will hold at least 3 Gatorade Endurance Gel packs (about 150 calories each). This will take me up to the nutrition station at mile 17. The plan is to pick up 3 more Clifbar gels at this point for the remaining 9 miles. Roughly, the nutrition plan looks like this:
  • Race start: eat a gel pack 10 minutes before the race and take in about 200mg of sodium (salt pill)
  • Mile 5: another gel pack and another salt pill (0:40 to 0:42 into the race)
  • Mile 10: another gel pack and another salt pill (1:19 to 1:22 into the race)
  • Mile 15: another gel pack and another salt pill (1:59 to 2:04 into the race)
  • Mile 17: pick up 3 Clifbar gels from the nutrition stations
  • Mile 20: eat a Clifbar gel and another salt pill (2:39 to 2:45 into the race)
  • Mile 22 to finish: eat one or two Clifbar gels as needed and at least one more salt pill

I will drink water and Gatorade Endurance fluids as needed throughout the race.
For my training today, I rested again. Missy is back on double-dosage of meds again. Apparently her blood count has dropped just a bit and the vet doesn’t want to take any chances. She acts like there is nothing wrong though. She barks incessantly, chases the ball and is quick to respond to any food.  

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