In Boston waiting for the Marathon Expo

The flight from Phoenix to Boston was uneventful. We had decent aisle seats towards the front of the plane in cattle call and the flight was on time. I had two young (thin) girls sitting next to me and the seat next to Binita was empty. On the window seat by Binita was a guy dressed in a bright yellow Boston Marathon long-sleeve t-shirt. He was obviously a veteran of a few races! By the time we reached Boston, got our luggage and checked in to the hotel, it was dinner time. We went out to a sushi restaurant called Haru and ate heartily.

Boston Marathon spirit is everywhere. During the shuttle-ride from the airport to the hotel (Hilton Back Bay), we saw plenty of people wearing Boston Marathon clothes. At the hotel in the lobby, there were at least a dozen people in bright blues, purples and yellows. The conversation and vibe were centered around the marathon. It was EXACTLY as I had expected.

I can’t wait for tomorrow and Sunday and Monday. I’m sure I’ll be like a kid in a candy store at the Expo tomorrow!

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