Ready for the Boston Marathon 2015

Naman surprised me by arriving in Boston today. He flew in from India in the afternoon and casually strolled in to our hotel room. Binita had let the cat out of the bag a couple of hours before his surprise because we need to buy a ticket for him to the pre-race dinner. It was still a very very pleasant surprise! As always, he got us dates from Dubai. Bonus!

This morning, I ran to REI (about a mile from the hotel) and picked up hand warmers. It will be cold tomorrow at the race and hand warmers with gloves will come in handy!

My race prep is almost finished as I write this. I will wear a long sleeve skin under my Snapathon t-shirt to battle the cold rain and winds tomorrow. With wind-chill, the temperature will be in the mid 40s and rain will cool it down further. If I get too warm, I will stop and shed the skin, but I doubt if that will happen.

We also stopped by at the adibase store near the finish line. It was super-crowded and they didn’t have stuff different than the Expo. They did have a 3D model of the race course complete with multi-media and elevations. Pretty cool!

The pre-race dinner lines this evening were super-long. Once inside though, we ate comfortably in the warmth inside the building. The food was the usual pasta with marinara sauce and some optional meatballs and sausages with a side salad. I ate well.

Tomorrow, I will be up at 5:30AM (if I sleep at all) and go downstairs for quick breakfast at 6:30AM. I have to board the bus between 7:00AM and 7:48AM, but still am unsure how I will get to the bus-boarding area (it is a couple of miles from here). The subway train is not running; I’ll probably just take a cab!

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. It is the first of all 6 Marathon Majors that I want to run. If all goes well tomorrow, I will relax for a couple of months and then start training for New York in November!

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