Selfie Stop at the Boston Marathon

Look at this selfie taken by @RaceSelfieStop at mile 13 of the Boston Marathon. Aysha had a pink sign that said #SelfieStop. Since I was not having the best of races, I stopped and had her take a selfie and post it on Twitter. Thanks Ayasha!

I barely even look winded after 13 miles. I was pretty slow in Boston and shenanigans like this made me slower. I have no regrets though. I may have been cold and miserable, but I enjoyed the marathon!

The last day in Boston was gorgeous and sunny. We took the T (subway) to Faneuil Hall and walked around the markets and shops for about an hour. My legs were still sore but it felt good to loosen them up a bit. We also got 5 National Park Stamps there. Jackpot!

The flight back was long and tedious. There were a few Boston runners on the flight. I spoke to Jill (sitting behind me with a small child) and reminisced about the race. She had a major hip issue at mile 20 and walked the last 6 miles but finished the marathon. Kudos to her!

Back in Arizona, the nostalgia of Boston will slowly fade from conversation but not from my memory. It will live in eternity! It feels good to be back home. I miss Simi, but am glad to see Missy happily greet me!

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