Hanging with Shaneen at The Saguaro Hotel

With Shaneen at Suguaro Hotel in Scottsdale

It rained this morning in Scottsdale. It was nice and cool. I ran my first post-Boston run right after the rain stopped this morning. I was hoping it would start drizzling again but it didn’t. My quads are still just a bit sore but it felt good to run. Everything felt pretty normal during the 30-minute run.

Late this afternoon, I met up with an old family friend (Shaneen) from Michigan. I have known Shaneen since he was a little kid. He’s married now and lives in Utah. It felt good to spend some time with him and catch up. He and his wife are in town for a wedding!

For dinner, we went out with Kristi to The Henry. It is an excellent restaurant with superb ambiance and really good food. I recommend it!

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