Dogs show affection in many ways

Missy and Simi in happier times

Sometimes Missy is a bundle of energy, but sometimes she is quite lethargic. She is now twelve and is starting to slow down. She follows me everywhere when I am at home. She reminds me of Simi.

I’m sad that Simi is no longer with us. We had some good years together but they flew by. Simi and I were best friends. She was fiercely loyal to me and I did my very best to return the sentiment. Now Missy and I have become best friends. Missy has a different way of showing her affection and loyalty than Simi did. Simi was somewhat aloof and (almost) stand-offish, while Missy is very upfront and touchy-feely. Both are cocker spaniels, but with completely different personalities.

For my training today, I went for the Monday evening 30-minute abs workout. It was torture. I also felt lethargic today; probably still recovering from Boston. 

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