Off to Greece and France in a couple of weeks

I ran for 26+ miles  at the Boston Marathon last week and nothing hurt (other than soreness). I slept hard last night only to wake up to an ankle that hurts. This time, it’s my left ankle and the pain is not quite as acute as the one I had on my right ankle before the Boston Marathon. It must be because of the short but super-steep hills that I ran yesterday with the LLS-TNT group. It’s one of those pains that will probably go away in a couple of days. With my hurt ankle, I rested today and will probably rest tomorrow as well.

On May 14, we are off to Europe (Greece and France). Seventeen of my immediate family members (including us) are planning to spend a few days in Rhodes, Greece (off the coast of Turkey) and then B and I will fly to Paris for a few more days. Our tickets and reservations have been done for a while now. It will be a fun, relaxed trip; we can’t wait!

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