Snapathon pilot at the Diamondsback 5k #snapathon #dbacksrace

It was an exciting day today. We piloted #Snapathon at the Diamondbacks 5k in downtown Phoenix with about half-a-dozen volunteers taking pictures. All proceeds are going to charity (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). We issued a coupon code LLSPILOT20 for 20% off pictures and randomly took pictures before, during and after the race.

The concept of Snapathon allows for anyone with an iPhone (Android coming soon) to take and tag pictures at a race. Anyone can then search and purchase pics for as little as three bucks. The photographer gets about a third of the proceeds (or she can choose to donate to charity). With thousands and thousands of spectators at any race event, the concept is ready for lift-off.

The pilot went quite well except for an app-crash issue some of us encountered. We were able to recover from it quickly though and ended up taking about 1,500 snaps (mostly good but some lousy ones). We will be quite happy if a few people purchase. By the end of today (so far), we have 2 sales. It’s a good start!!

As for my training, I got on the stationary bike for an hour today. It was a nice, smooth, easy ride!

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