The Triathlete’s Training Bible

It poured last night. It was stormy and rainy and woke me up at 2AM. The whole house shook a few times. It was quite an electric storm with loud, cracking thunder and bright lightening. I hope it gives us a similar show soon in the daytime!

Snapathon sales have reached double-figures. They stand at exactly 10. Success! We have to refine the #snapathon marketing model, refine the app, refine the selling tactics, but everything is very promising. Evolution is a good thing.

I blogged recently that I go in for my CT scan and other tests later this week. I’m optimistic that everything will turn out okay and that i will be back into the triathlon circuit soon. For my upcoming trip to Europe, I picked up the The Triathlete’s Training Bible to read on the flight. Just thinking about doing my first triathlon after more than a year makes me happy! Call me crazy but I have already told my two bikes (Trocket and Therapy) to get ready.

I ran today around the Parsus office for about 30 minutes. Strangely, I felt really good and averaged sub-8 on my run. I thought I was still recovering from Boston, but apparently my body feels great!

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