Is there a screw loose in my ankle?

Random, but I saw these definitions of success and am putting them up in the blog. Funny but true!

My left ankle still feels weird. I can’t say that it hurts but it feels loose. I know it sounds strange but it feels floppy; like there is a screw in there somewhere that needs to be tightened up. I guess now my ankle matches my head (both have a screw loose)! Needless to say, I rested today to see if my ankle heels by tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I go in for a CT scan and a ultrasound tests on both my legs. On Thursday, I go in for blood-tests. On the 12th of May, I have an appointment with my hematologist. If all the stars align, he will take me off Xarelto after we return from Greece and France. We fly out on the 14th and return back on the 25th.

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