Ultrasound and CT scan unofficial result

I joined the LLS group this evening in Tempe and ran some ridiculous steep hills up A-Mountain. A dozen of us showed up this evening! Although we did run hard for a short time, it was more of a social hour than anything else. The only hard portion of the workout was five uphill sprints. The hard part lasted less than 7 minutes!

My ankle is fine for now but I won’t be surprised if it flares up again over the next couple of days. I’m probably going to just rest tomorrow to nurse it.

I went in for my leg-ultrasounds and chest CT scan today. The official report is not in but it looks like I am pretty much clear from any issues. They did find an old clot in my left leg (just under my knee) that has become fibrous. Basically, this means that it has organized itself in the blood vessel and is most likely benign. We’ll see what the official report says and the hematologist says!

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