Factor VII is elevated – what does that mean?

The preparations for Greece and France are in full swing. I have been designated as the official courier this time and all my nephews and nieces are ordering stuff from various places to be delivered to my house. I am to carry it all to Greece for them. Naman usually takes on this responsibility but somehow it as fallen on my shoulders this time. So far, the items are small but I won’t be surprised if some behemoth package shows up!

Our flight is pretty crazy flying from Phoenix (PHX) to New York (JFK) to Reykjavik (RKV) to Paris (CDG) to Rhodes (RHO). At least the longer segments (trans-Atlantic) are first-class!

The preliminary results from my blood test are back. They are still unofficial and they are very confusing. Everything except 1 number looks normal. The abnormal number shows high levels of Factor VIII. I spoke to Binita and Googled a bit but it all reads like Greek and Latin to me. I’m really not sure if it is good news or bad news! Ugh!

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