Hope I am not coming down with something…

I feel something in my right ear. I can feel it all the way down on the right side of my throat. With 4 days to a few long flights I hope I am not getting sick. I’m going to try and will myself to not get sick. When I say that to Binita, she rolls her eyes!

I went for yoga this afternoon at The Village. Yoga at The Village is a bit snooty compared to Lifetime Fitness. The students at The Village are a bit older and reserve. At Lifetime, we would all yap up a storm! Honestly, I preferred Lifetime for yoga!

Missy’s blood test results came back and she is doing better. Her counts are still a bit low but the are almost back to normal. She has slowed down over the past six months. Her hind legs don’t have the spring they used to; she has trouble jumping up into the car now. She still loves to bark and loves to eat though. I spoil her with plenty of treats all day long. Peanut butter is her  favorite treat! I even give her salted potato chips; I like to hear how they crunch in her mouth.

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