Drama over Greek visa

Yep, I’m sick. As I write this, my sinus is congested. I’m going to take some NyQuil and will go bed early.

My blood test result is back and it doesn’t look good for the future of bicycling. As you can see, Factor VIII activity (apparently something that increases chances of blood clots) is elevated. I am scheduled to meet my hematologist tomorrow, and I expect that he will continue Xarelto for the foreseeable future. My future Ironman dreams are probably on hold for how.

 Of the 17 of us who are going to Greece, 14 need Greek visas (3 of us are US citizens and don’t need one). There was significant drama with the Greek visa today. Apparently all visas for everyone have been issued except my mum. Hopefully it will come on time and everything will be smooth by Friday (my mother’s 85th birthday). If not, it will be an ironic vacation since we are all planned the trip to celebrate her birthday!

Oh, I have a new phone now. The iPhone 6 came in today. 

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