Why are race photos so expensive?

I have a hashtag #firstworldproblem. I am perfectly healthy; I am active, pretty smart, have a lovely family and a very secure, stable lifestyle. Yet, I am not too happy with my doctor’s office visit today. My blood test result shows that my Factor VIII reading is elevated. This means I have to stay on Xarelto for at least another 3 months. It is entirely possible that the Factor VIII elevation is caused by the recent Boston Marathon I ran. Hence, in August, I go in for another blood test after resting for a couple of months (I am already signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon on June 13). If the readings come down, I will get off Xarelto and start biking again and eventually prepare for a triathlon. For now though, I will complain. #firstworldproblem.

I spent $90+ today at Marathonfoto and bought all my Boston Marathon snaps. It’s such a rip-off, yet it is Boston and I want all pics! Race pictures don’t have to be expensive. I cannot wait for #Snapathon to take off. Race snaps should be crowdsourced; it’s the way of the future.

On Thursday morning, we leave for Greece and France. We have a long flight with multiple hops and airlines. The only thing on the agenda in Rhodes (Greece) is to relax and hang with family. I can’t wait!

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