Long travel day to Europe

It is travel day today. The day started early at the Phoenix airport. Our flight to JFK was smooth but long. We had exit row seats. We flew Iceland Air from JFK to Reykjavik (Iceland) on a 5-hour flight. It is technically already the 15h of May as I write this. I am sitting in the Saga Lounge in Rekjavik. I haven’t slept much, but that is quite normal with flying.

Everyone in my family has already reached Rhodes, Greece except the two of us and Amiben-Dushyantbhai. We still have a flight to Paris, a long stopover (6 hours) and then a short flight to Rhodes. We get in around 11PM and then drive to the hotel. The directions to the hotel are absolutely hilarious. I will post a picture of directions tomorrow. For now, enjoy this picture of Binita enjoying some wine in the British Airways lounge at JFK!

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