Iceland Air is impressive

New York to Keflavik and Keflavik to Paris

I’m impressed with Iceland Air. We are travelling Saga Class (their equivalent of first class) and it has free 3G WiFi. This is the first time I have been on a flight with no cost for WiFi. I am sitting on the plane right now in seat 3F writing this blog. The service has been excellent, the food has been very good, all flights have been perfectly on time and now we have no-cost WiFi. The seats don’t go all the way flat but I’m still impressed. I’m not much of a Twitter user (yet) but I tweeted to them that I’m impressed. We will reach Paris in about an hour. We still have a ways to go before we reach Greece.

Arrived in Greece

The flight from Paris to Rhodes was quite uneventful. I found a row with 3 empty seats and actually slept for more than an hour. When we arrived into Rhodes it was already past 11PM. By the time we reached the hotel in Lardos, it was past 1AM on the 16th of May. I am technically writing this on the 16th. We have along day planned today with a trip to the fort and palace in Rhodes and a big celebration for my mom’s 85th birthday. For now, it is goodnight!

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