Seventeen family members in Greece for my mom’s 85th birthday

There are seventeen of us in Rhodes, Greece now. Let the party begin. A few of the younger folks, escorted by Naman were out partying all night and weren’t even up until noon today. The rest of us mature folks settled down in the hotel near Lardos on the west coast of Rhodes. With jetlag, I barely slept and was up and about early this morning. Nobody was up and I ended up going for a quick, short run around the hotel.

The Olive Garden hotel is a few blocks from the beach. There are olive groves everywhere. Oranges and lemons grow on random trees planted all over the island. Grapevines grow wild. The weather is perfectly warm with gentle sea breezes blowing in no particular direction. The whole ambiance is laid back, comfortable and relaxed.

Late in the morning, we went to oldtown Rhodes. It is set in an old fort built thousands of years ago. The history of Rhodes goes back around 6,000 years. There are relics from around the year 4,000 BC found on the island and displayed in a museum inside the fort. It is a must-see if you ever visit the island. Take your time in there and expect to spend at least a couple of hours. You will see relics from multiple periods with Roman, Turkish and some various unknown prehistoric civilizations.

By late afternoon, we were back at the hotel and met with everyone in my family. We may live thousands of miles from one another but we are close. We have our share of differences, but we put those aside when we are together. We love, we laugh, we poke fun. We all live good, vibrant lives and travel all over the world (some of us more than others).

The highlight of the day came in the evening. My mom’s 85th birthday is today. We all went out to a superb Greek restaurant on the beach just south of Lindos and celebrated with good food and find wine. We came back to the hotel to a live (somewhat cheesy) performance by a local group playing 70s and 80s tunes. Donna Summar, Abba, The Eagles and Gloria Gaynor were the main acts with an audience-assisted rendition of Happy Birthday followed by fireworks. Does it get any better? I think not.

Today is only our first day here. More to come…

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