Swimming in the Aegean Sea – check!

St. Paul Bay, Lindos, Greece

When my family gets together, there is nonstop partying, nonstop jokes, nonstop drinking, nonstop laughter, nonstop activities and nonstop fun. We have a bit of a tough time getting started in the morning, but once we get going, watch out!

Before anyone else woke up, I went for a run through Lardos town for about 4 miles. It was a smooth and comfortable run. Lardos is a sleepy town near the beach. It has a mix of farmlands and wilderness set around it with a main highway that circumvents the entire island nearby. The beach is walking distance but not very pretty. It is secluded but rocky. I imagine that it has gorgeous sunrises.

We had a boat ride planned late in the morning. By the time we got going, it was almost 11AM. With two little kids (Jia and Maisha), time becomes secondary. That’s fine by me on this sleepy island where everyone’s idea of rigorous activity is talking a leisurely stroll on the beach.

The boat ride started on the absolutely gorgeous St. Paul’s Bay. There is a small, protected cove with azure and turquoise waters. The whole vibe was lazy and laid-back. The boat had a glass bottom, but we barely saw any fish. I’m sure there is coral and fish somewhere, but they were quite passive today.

Once we got started, Shimauli sprung into action and entertained everyone with hundreds of pictures. Music was playing, jokes were being cracked, drinks were flowing freely and everyone was simply lazing in the sun. We docked at a protected beach in the middle of nowhere and I decided to go for a quick swim in the Aegean Sea. The water was cold with currents flowing in all directions, but it made for a quick and refreshing swim.

Upon returning, we went to lunch in Lindos at a restaurant called Stepnany and sat on the top terrace. Lindos is a must-see if you come to Rhodes. It is small and somewhat commercial but retains the old-world charm. I’ll try and upload a few pictures in tomorrow’s blog.

After eating entirely too much food at Stephany’s, we came back to the hotel for a nap. Relaxation was followed by relaxation. If you have stress in your life, come to Rhodes. It is not developed, it is lazy, the Internet is slow, I have no idea if the TV works!

Dinner was a low-key affair at the hotel but what followed were drinking games. Yikes! With my nieces and nephews all in their 20s, we converted the reception lobby into a frat-party with multiple varieties of liquor. Needless to say, we were all hopelessly drunk and stumbled to bed eventually.

By the time we went to bed, it was already past midnight. Tomorrow will bring more activities and more fun, but most of the folks will leave tomorrow.

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