The best hummus in the world is in Lindos, Greece

Tower in Lindos

Once again, the day started late for the family today. Coordinating 17 people including two small children is not trivial; especially when the night before includes games where everyone is drunk and drinking goes on well into the night. I have no recollection of what the games last night were called but they included some sort of ping-pong names and counting numbers forward and backward with clapping and uttering random words like oops, skinnyasses and lallu. Once you have a couple of shots, it all becomes a blur!

Before anyone woke up this morning, I went out for a 5-mile run through Lardos and Pefkos (lazy beach towns). It was perfectly cool in the morning with temperatures in the 60s. The run alternated between the sun and shade allowing me to average a pace of 8-minutes-per-mile!

At around 10:30AM, Nimay-Prachi took off to mainland Greece where they will continue their vacation. The rest of us went out wine-tasting in 3 different cars through to a small town called Embona on the western side of the island. As the road wound higher in elevation and towards the west, the terrain changed from windswept dry grasses and olive orchards to a thicker canopy of pine forests. There was barely any traffic and I kept thinking of how fun it would be to bike this island as I drove through perfect weather, zero wind and gentle elevations. The wineries were small and personal, but the wines were average at best. Grapes were of local varieties (I can’t remember the names), and they had three options; dry, sweet and grappa. I am hardly a wine connoisseur, but they were all below average. Out of courtesy, we ended up buying a couple of bottles. Binita also bought some locally harvested olive oil and honey.

Too much drinking all week long

After wine-tasting, we all had lunch at a random restaurant and then split up. Everyone went their merry way while 4 of us (me-Binita-Amiben-Dushyantbhai) drove back to the hotel and took an afternoon siesta.

The evening brought more adventures with dinner at an absolutely superb restaurant called Skala. Skala is set in a small cove in St. Paul’s bay in Lindos and easily has the best hummus in the world. The ambiance of this place is nothing short of world-class.

You start by walking through Lindos with old-world charm and walk down narrow streets laced with slate and rounded inlay-marble stones. On the way, you pass by a quaint little Greek church and countless charming doors adorned with eclectic old-world décor. As you walk down the steep hill into the seaside cove, you notice the crystal-clear azure waters shimmering in the evening light. You are seated seaside. Your senses are immediately stimulated with soft Greek music, smell of the fresh sea, sights of gentle ripples with an occasional fish jumping, and a feeling of bliss. You are then served by some of the most hospitable people.

Your taste senses are then stimulated as you go through the evening starting with hummus as your appetizer, journeying into the main courses and finishing up with a baklava-infused ice-cream dessert. The walk back up to the car was a perfect conclusion to a perfect day.

Tomorrow afternoon, we fly to Paris. I have never been to Paris and look forward to a mostly touristy itinerary.

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