Lindos is a lovely beach town in Rhodes, Greece

Greek Church in Lindos

I ran again this morning. On my way back, I decided to run on the beach which proved to be much harder than I expected. I only ran about 4.5 miles this morning at a slower pace.

Late this morning, we decided to go to Lindos for a short touristy visit. I ended up buying a beach hat and Binita ended up buying a scarf and belt. Coincidentally, Sheelben, Maithili and Sanjana ended up buying the same hat that I did (different colors of course)! I guess great minds think alike!

Lindos is a lovely little town with narrow alleys zigzagging on a steep hill on the Aegean Sea. There’s an old fort that overlooks Lindos and St. Paul’s Bay. The waters are multiple shades of blue ranging from azure to indigo to purple. The shops and restaurants mostly cater to tourists but are simple and hospitable. Over the past couple of days, we ate randomly at multiple places and the food was absolutely incredible. It is too bad that we are leaving for Paris today; although I look forward to a totally different experience in France!

Gatto Bianco, Lindos

The afternoon flight to Paris was full. It was an uneventful flight with mostly drunk Frenchmen around us. They are not very pleasant and some of them have pretty nasty body odor.

Greek Island as seen from our flight

Upon landing in Paris, we took a cab to or hotel. This is my first time in Paris and all we have seen so far is the highway and the hotel. We did walk down to a pretty average restaurant called Willy’s Wine Bar near our hotel and met up with Don and Debbie. As always, it was good to see them!

We all bought similar hats

So far, Paris doesn’t look any different from Chicago except for French highway signs and French graffiti. 

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