PARIS! Running = Bliss | Walking Aimlessly = Torture

We are in Paris now. I started the day with a quick run from our hotel down to the Louvre and to Jardin des Tuilries. It was a crisp chilly morning but there was very little breeze and running was fun.

There were already a few local Parisians out walking and running everywhere and of course hundred of tourists (mostly Asians) walking around with their selfie sticks and talking in high, excited voices. There was actually a race (probably a 5k) in progress at the Jardin des Tuilries that would have been so fun to run in; but it was fun to watch too!

Amit joined us late in the morning and showed us our bearings. It started to rain just as we started our walking tour with Amit as our guide. The rain became heavy at times as we continued to walk into random stores looking at fashion and food. Admittedly, this is not my cup of tea. One can only see so many scarves and so many pastries. In about 30 minutes, they all look the same to me!

In the afternoon, we met our food guide (Amber). She had a bubbly personality with a British accent. She took us to a walking food tour (again, not my cup of tea). We walked up and down some street whose name escapes me (but look at the attached map if you are interested). Amber explained the subelties of cheese and meats and wine pairings and desserts. She showed us some famous, historical shops and restaurants with foodie significance. We walked around for a couple of hours. The highlight for me was a visit to a boring-looking church from the outside, but incredible from the inside. The ceiling was easily the tallest I have ever seen in a church and the stone carvings were intricate and detailed. The organ was the size of Krakatoa (apparently the largest in France).

We didn’t have dinner but ended up sitting in a horribly smokey cafe for what seemed like an eternity. I somehow managed to hold my cool but was quite unhappy with umpteen people blowing smoke directly at us. By the time we returned back to the hotel, it was midnight. I smelled like smoke and I was cranky, hungry and thirsty.

Tomorrow, we visit the Louvre. I look forward to it!

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