US Airways (American Airlines) needs help in many departments

Once again, the day started early today. Our trip to #Greece and #France is over and we headed back home. Our flight took us from CDG (Paris) to KEF (Keflavik, Iceland) to JFK (New York) to PHX (Phoenix). The first couple of legs were on Iceland Air and the last one was on US Airways (now American Airlines).

Panna Cotta served aboard Iceland Air

I am compelled to blog about how great Iceland Air is and how lousy US Air is. On all segments, we were flying first class. You would think that we would be treated with white glove service on all segments, but this was certainly not the case. US Air certainly needs to learn a lesson from European and Asian airlines.

  • On Iceland Air, the staff treated us with the utmost courtesy. On US Air, we were simply riffraff!
  • On Iceland Air, the food was excellent. On US Air, we didn’t even want to look at the food. For example, on Iceland Air, they served is panna cotta (see picture). On US Air, they served us ice cream in a glass! Even the water they served us on US Air was in cheap-looking plastic cup.
  • On Iceland Air, we had free wifi in first class. On US Air, we didn’t.
  • Our US Air flight was delayed resulting in an absolutely chaotic scene. I realize that this happens; but on Iceland air, things just felt very very smooth. When I tweeted to US Air about offering at least free wifi on board as a courtesy, their response was quite ridiculous.
  • The lounge in Keflavik is nothing short of perfect. The food, the comfort, the high speed wifi and the staff were all top-notch. On US Air, in spite of flying first, we were denied entrance in Admirals Club at the JFK airport. Seriously? They wanted us to purchase passes. #disgraceful US Air!
  • The entertainment system on US Air was non-existent. We had access over wifi to some flight information, but no access to the Internet or anything else. On Iceland Air, while the TV screens were small, we had access to several movies, TV shows, news, etc. and they were handing out high-quality head phones.
  • The first class cabin on US Air was jam packed. On Iceland Air, it was pretty much empty!
  • Even the landing and take off on Iceland Air were smoother than US Air.
  • Ironically, flying first on US Air is MORE expensive than Iceland Air. Just price out a ticket from JFK to CDG.
Flying over Greenland
Landing – JFK
I tweeted to American Airlines (US Air) about their lousy Admirals Club policy. Their response was “spend more money.” I tweeted to them about the flight delay and to offer at least free wifi on board as a courtesy. Their response was “spend more money.” Seriously US Airways? Learn a lesson from Iceland Air. 
I have been a frequent-flyer member of US Air for decades now. It started with America West, moved on to US Air and is now American Airlines. I am also a gold member on United. My preference from now on will be to avoid US Air as much as possible.
Anyway, we are back home. Missy is doing well but needs a bath (on the agenda tomorrow). I am jet-lagged and need sleep!

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