Running on jetlag

It’s no surprise that I have jetlag. On my first day back, I feel lethargic. I spent the entire day at home catching up on work, taking a long nap, hanging out with and giving Missy a much needed bath, and going for a quick 4-mile run around my neighborhood. It was around 80 degrees by the time I ran, but it felt good to be running on home turf.

By the time evening came about, my lethargy increased and I have a mild headache as I write this. Timezone changes and flying to different continents does a number on me.
We are scheduled to have dinner with Kristi tomorrow evening. She and Matt are planning a trip to South Africa.
Speaking of South Africa, here is a link to an organization that stops human trafficking in Africa. It’s a worthy cause and my friend Nerina from Stellenbosch is involved in it. 

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