Lethargic and slow day with jetlag

I’m not sure if I have food poisoning or what is up but all day today I’ve been lethargic and sleepy. I have a headache and my stomach is making strange noises. I have barely eaten but I don’t feel like eating. It is probably a combination of jetlag and the nasty food aboard US Airways! I rested all day; I did pretty much nothing other than take a long 4-hour nap in the afternoon.

Missy was happy that I was home with her all day. She follows me everywhere and loves to laze around with me. She likes to sleep about a foot away from me. After her bath yesterday, she is nice and soft and smells like oatmeal and raspberries. Her hair is unruly and wild but that just suits her personality!

I miss Simi and think of her often. From a scared little puppy, I saw Simi grow up to become a naughty adolescent to a beautiful, mature and caring adult to a lethargic but smiley senior. She will always be the love of my life. Missy is clingy and loving and reminds me of Simi a lot. Since Simi’s passing, I have become very close to Missy…

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