Trocket and Therapy are like Simi and Missy

Trocket and Therapy (my bikes) are still hanging in the garage. It makes me sad to see them sitting idly just waiting in the wings. This may sound loony but I think they each have a personality; sorta like Simi (RIP) and Missy. Trocket is a tri bike and is white; she is like Simi. She’s fiercely loyal but also somewhat aloof and stand-offish. Trocket’s makeup and mechanism are complicated. Therapy is a road bike with clip-on handles and is mostly black; she is like Missy. She’s obedient but has glimpses of craziness and erratic behavior. She gets flats quite easily but also recovers fast. Therapy’s mechanisms are simple – What You See Is What You Get!

Speaking of bikes, I got on the spin bike for an hour todya for a smooth spin for 17.5+ miles. The gym was sparse (as always). Early tomorrow morning is my long run with the LLS group down in Gilbert. I haven’t done a 10+ mile run since Boston; we’ll see how I hold up.

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