A good analogy for life

I ran into Gwen at Lifepower Yoga today. Gwen is my old yoga instructor at Lifetime Fitness. Since I quit Lifetime to join The Village, I haven’t seen Gwen but it was great to see her today! I was a guest at Lifepower today to attend a yoga session taught by Mark’s daughter. The session itself was hot Vinyasa (not my cup of tea).

I don’t think I have posted this picture of me finishing the 2015 Boston Marathon. It was a tough race, but you can obviously see that I feel triumphant. The beauty about racing is that there is always a finish line. The tougher the journey, the more accomplished you feel. Whether it’s a 5k race or an Ironman, at some point during the race, I always think to myself, “Why the f!@# am I doing this?” But the thought passes and then the self-talk starts, “Relax and flow” and then things become smooth. It comes with even breathing, even striding, even thoughts. It’s a good analogy for life.

Wednesday is #NationalRunningDay and it will be in the triple-digits here in Scottsdale. I’ll run with millions of others around the world. You should too!

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