National Running Day | The new Mio Fuse

Today is National Running Day. It was supposed to be hot outside. I took advantage of the relative coolness of the morning and ran 4 miles in my neighborhood at 6AM. I took it easy throughout the run but felt good that I ran on a non-scheduled day to honor National Running Day.

I have blogged in the past about issues with the heart rate belt. Almost everyone who uses one has issues. A heart rate belt has plasticy-rubber nodes that attach to the front of one’s chest to monitor the heart-beat. This beat is then transmitted via ANT+ to a wrist-worn Garmin device that records and displays the heart rate. It sounds simple enough, and you would think that it would work perfectly on the chest (so close to the heart). But frequently, it shows readings that are too high or too low. The belt around your chest is also uncomfortable and I find myself constantly adjusting it.

There’s a new device in the market called the MIO Fuse that I am thinking of buying. It gets great reviews and you can wear it on your wrist. It also uses ANT+ to transmit to the Garmin. Best of all, it is proced at $149 (retail), but Amazon is selling it for around $125 (just click on the link above).

If I do end up buying it, I will give you a full report.

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