6 miles #fartleks in 47 minutes

Yesterday was an unscheduled run day because it was National Running Day. Today was a scheduled #fartlek day which i ended up doing at The Village on the not-so-easy treadmill. Overall though, I was quite happy with the effort and speed. 6 miles in 47 minutes translates to a pace of around 7:50 per mile. That’s decent speed for me!

We are busy at work these days. Just about all cylinders are firing quite nicely. We have new projects with the State of Arizona the native American reservation here and are gearing up for new projects for new clients. We are hiring. If you know any Java or front-end developers, send them our way. You can find job descriptions on the jobs tab of the Parsus website.

The Seattle marathon is now 10 days away. I haven’t taken a look at the course yet, but I hear it is hilly. I am hoping for good, cool weather with no wind and overcast skies. Either way though, it is not an “A” race for me. After the race, my training will slow down considerably until around August 10. That’s when I go in for another blood test to see if I can get off Xarelto!

The picture here is from Rhodes, Greece. Good times with family…

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