Love it when it rains in Scottsdale

It rained today all over Phoenix. It would have been a perfect day to run but today is rest day. I hope the rain continues tomorrow for my early morning long run. I love running in the rain (as long as it is somewhat warm and it is not a downpour). The desert smells fresh and the atmosphere becomes almost romantic when it rains here. What’s not to love?

This picture is of our courtyard this morning. It looks and feels good when it rains. I sat outside this morning with Missy enjoying a cup of coffee!

The Seattle half is now about a week away. I don’t have any aspirations for a record-breaking run, but I would love to go sub-8 for a time right around 1:42 or so. I haven’t yet done the course analysis but at first glance, the course has a couple of significant hills. This will definitely affect my times; I am a pretty slow uphill runner.

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