Soaking in the run in the Arizona drizzle

Me, Laura, Aly, Denverlee – LLS run at the RailroadPark

I absolutely love it when it rains here in Scottsdale. If I get to run in a light drizzle, it’s a bonus. This morning, with overcast skies and a gentle breeze blowing, I ran 9 miles on the greenbelt at an 8:10 average. I started at the railroad park with the LLS girls and went north running by the golf course through the green belt in North Scottsdale. There were tons of streams flooding the paths as a gentle drizzle occasionally drenched us runners. I was loving life as I was skipping through the muddy grass and running paths full of water. Here in the desert, we don’t get to experience such simple pleasures and I was soaking everything in (pun intended).

We went out for quick breakfast at Einsteins’s afterwards and talked about our upcoming trip to Seattle. Strangely, the conversation centered around Tequila and limbo. Highly unlikely! As for the Seattle Half Marathon, I’ll be quite happy if I can average a pace below 8 minutes per mile. It will all depend on the temperature, wind conditions, hills and of course how I feel on race day (Saturday, June 13, 2015).

This evening, we went out to TopGolf to celebrate Karen’s birthday. It was a casual evening with lots of liquor flowing. I actually had more than one drink. Crazy good times keep on rolling…

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