Lazy Sunday swim at The Village

It was a lazy Sunday today. With virtually zero plans all day, I went swimming in the morning for an easy 1,000 yards at The Village. The water was warm yet refreshing and the swim felt good. Somehow, my stroke felt long and easy and my breathing was unlabored and natural. Maybe I should do a splash-and-dash one of these days. Maybe…

Missy had her blood-test this afternoon at the crowded Banfield Pet Hospital within PetSmart. She has been active and agile the past few days but her blood results remain the same. Dr. Blackman decided to reduce her dosage of steroids because she is getting a bit too chunky (plus long-term steroid usage has its negative side effects). I’m just happy that she is not lethargic these days.

As for training, it is an easy week next week concluding with the Seattle Half Marathon on Saturday. It’ll be a fun, easy race!

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