Hilly run on a hot Arizona day

Mary Ann decorating her LLS race shirt

As the Arizona summer approaches, most of us start running either really early in the morning or on indoor treadmills. When temperatures start approaching and crossing triple digits, there is no point fighting the heat and risking heatstroke, dehydration and a host of other related health issues. Today though, I ran the hills of my neighborhood in Silverleaf in the middle of the day’s heat. It was a tough 3.5 miles in 30 minutes in 90+ degree heat with a tinge of humidity.

In the evening, the LLS group got together in their downtown Phoenix office for the official Seattle send-off. About a dozen of us will be travelling from Arizona to run either the half or the full marathon. I look forward to running in the cool Seattle weather. I may carry my iPhone with me while running, and put it to good use to take some Snapathon snaps. I  haven’t decided on a race strategy yet, but I expect it to be a fun, easy race. I have zero expectations for speed/time although the past few training runs have been thoroughly satisfying.

I leave on Thursday afternoon and return on Sunday morning. The race is on Saturday!

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