Off to Seattle to run the Half Marathon

I went to the office a bit early to finish work so I would have time to run for 30 minutes before I left for Seattle. It was a tight squeeze but I was able to run on the treadmill at the office gym before going home, packing, showering and heading to the airport. Things were smooth!

So now I’m checked in at the Sheraton in downtown Seattle. I walked to the expo at the Seahawks stadium but reached too late to pick up my bib. Melissa (who works for LLS) and I ended up going to dinner at some Italian restaurant to start carboload!

The weather here in Seattle is superb. The vibe is vibrant. Everything about the city feels cosmopolitan, young, modern and fun. Streets are hilly but clearly laid out in a grid pattern. It feels like a combination of San Francisco and Chicago. If only Seattle had good weather year-round…

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