What is #Procaffenating

My morning routine on workdays is pretty much the same. I’m up at the crack of down to hang out and have breakfast with Missy. While she eats, I have a cup of coffee and some yogurt as I start my day answering emails and getting ready for the workday. Since it’s so hot these days, my coffee is iced. Missy loves ice cubes and waits somewhat impatiently for me to hand her a few coffee-laced ice cubes that she chomps down!

Instead of spinning I went to a Cardio Sculpt class at The Village. It was taught by Adele and it was intense. It had my heart pumping with a variety of cardio moves like jumping jacks, spot jogging, active lunges with weights, etc. etc. It also had some intense stretching and abs moves. I’m quite sure I am going to feel it tomorrow and Friday!

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