Empty swim and a cheesy light show

I love my new swimming goggles. I have never used this brand (Structure) before today. Not only do they look cool, they also completely seal my eyes. Seeing through them is also clear and they are UV coated. Needless to say, I swam this afternoon for a bit less than a mile in the near-empty pool at The Village. It was super-hot outside with temperatures hovering near 100 degrees F but the water felt nice and cool. I love the water!

After quick dinner at Coconuts (Hawaiian-style tacos), we went out for a really silly patriotic light-and-music-show at the Westin (Kierland) in Scottsdale. I definitely do not recommend it. Mitch and Nancy joined us for a fun but cheesy evening. The only good thing about the Westin this evening was the dessert (some sort of chocolate-peanut-butter slice of pie).

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