Climbing 100 floors is not trivial

Technically, it was rest day for me today. Since Binita was going to the gym for coffee with Nancy, I decided to tag along. For the first time in my life, I got on the stair master just to see how hard it is. I have blogged that I am a pretty slow uphill runner; going up stairs was no different! I was huffing and puffing as my legs screamed at me while I climbed 100 floors in 21+ minutes; more than enough for a rest day!

At work, we are about to start development on a pretty cool (but very small) project in Durango, Colorado. It’s called the WayToGo! program that rewards commuters for using green transportation (bus, bike, run, etc.). For now we are only doing tech development for them, but I have spoken to them about us fulfilling their rewards too (through another company I own called nSpire, LLC). Kelly and I are flying to Durango next week to kick off the project.

For the long weekend (July 4), we are taking Missy to Santa Barbara with Mitch and Nancy. I would love to do a little 5k/10k/15k race while in Santa Barbara! There are a ton of races on the 4th of July (usually followed by some sort of Independence Day parade).

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